FULL MOON YOGA CLASS 🌕 15-Minute Full Moon Ritual Yoga Flow with Chelsea Maliakai

Join YA Classes teacher Chelsea Maliakai in a Full Moon Ritual Yoga Flow. This short and sweet 15-minute yoga class is dynamic, enjoyable, and designed to match the energy of the full moon.

Get ready for a fun, creative yoga flow to build heat and strength as well open your body and celebrate all the invigorating full moon energy. Enjoy this full moon theme as it is expertly woven throughout your entire yoga class.

All you need is a yoga mat, so set your intention, step onto your mat, and press play!

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Full Moon outfit:

Cork Yoga Mat:

Cork Yoga Block:

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful flow. Also just want to say I love your outfit! Would love to know where you got it from 🙂

  2. I have never done yoga but I wanted to try for this last full moon of 2020 and omg, IM THREE MINUTES IN AND IM SO BEHIND AND LOST WTF

  3. This used to be one of my favorite flows but the 6 ads in the middle make it difficult to concentrate. I love this practice, please reconsider your ad traffic!!

  4. This was quite fast, and between that and the ads, it did not feel like a "ritual" at all. Too bad, as slower with no adds would have really been fantastic.

  5. Really lovely flow but agree with other comments that the ad breaks took me from feeling connected to feeling frustrated. Three in a short class. Turn the ads off and I’ll definitely come back! 🙂

  6. Wonderful flow for the energy I was seeking with the full moon! Wish there weren't ads in the middle of the practice.

  7. I used to LOVE this full moon flow, but the paid ads every 5 minutes was too distracting. I understand the need to monetize videos, but unfortunately this video no longer supports my highest good, as I find myself commenting midway because I cannot stay focused. Please make more ad free videos again 🙏🏼

  8. I feel like this yoga would be a bit better if you didn't put ads in the middle of the session. It was incedibly distracting and ruined the flow. I also think if yous slowed down a bit it would make it a lot better to take in the poses and really be able to meditate and focus. Maybe pausing in between would help the flow. Also,I get you gotta monetize bit out the ads in the beginning or end of the video

  9. That was a lovely flow but it's a shame that you have ads turned on for this video because it was really distracting to have a super loud and unrelated advertisement come up 3 times during the flow…really took me out of the moment unfortunately:/

  10. I really wanted the longer version of this one! Just as I was getting warm, it was over. I can tell it is a great long class, thank u

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