Full Length Gentle Yoga Class Vol. 3 – for beginners & seniors

Dear Yogis!

Welcome to Gentle Yoga Vol. 3, our yoga series that is perfect for seniors, beginners or just those looking for a gentle yoga class! I have added a couple of challenging poses to this installment, but if you feel like you are not quite ready to go there I have alternatives.

First, I added “pigeon pose.” If you find this to be challenging, you can do the modified version of the pose which will show up in a box on the right hand corner of your screen. To do the pose simply lie down on your back, cross your right ankle of the left knee, then bring your right hand in between the crossed legs and hold on the back of the left knee with both hands. Then gently pull the knee in toward your face. This is the modified pigeon and is giving you the similar stretch as the original pigeon. When you are done, switch sides.

Second, I added “shoulder stand.” If you find this to be challenging, please go back to the modified “legs up the wall” that we did on the block in Vol. 2. In case you don’t recall, just take your block, place it under the sacrum and then slowly lift the legs into the air. Voila!

Have a great class!

Shelley Nicole

About this Video:
Volume 3 of The Mat Project’s full length gentle yoga series with Shelley Nicole, with a few new poses this time. Still perfect for beginners, seniors or those of you coming back to Yoga or looking for a gentle practice. All you’ll need is a mat.

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Taught By:
Shelley Nicole from Sovereign Hands Yoga, follow Shelley at:
Our talented friend and teacher Shelley Nicole is launching her own yoga channel on Youtube. She’ll be bringing you live yoga videos once she hits 1000 subscribers so get over there and subscribe to join her journey!

Music by:
Jeff Judy

Filmed and produced by:
www.loscholos.co and www.thematproject.com


  1. i enjoy these videos. at 65 I am just getting back into yoga. I would like to see you take a little more time with your poses. I don't move as fast through the routines and think a few more seconds or minutes would flow better. but all in all I enjoy these routines

  2. I LOVE your classes Shelley but I find it EXTREMELY jarring when an ad come blasting on part way through two of THE most soothing parts of this video . I know you need ads…but please..at the beginning.If I am interested in buying a HUGE truck..I will stop and watch the ad..I Do not want to lose this valuable time with you. Thanks , Lorraine

  3. Hi, Shelly. I just wanted you to know that YouTube inserted ads into the middle of your instruction on volume 3. Maybe they can be restricted to pre- and post-class? Thanks for the nice classes!

  4. Judging by the rest of the comments this is likely to be an unpopular opinion… I do not find this particular session beginner friendly at all! What beginner has a decent mat let alone blocks and straps, and is strong / flexible enough get into most of these positions properly and hold them for a reasonable time? The downward dogs alone were killing me. Just a thought – demonstrating the less advanced poses and then suggesting the more difficult poses as an alternative seem like a better approach in a beginners class than demonstrating the more difficult pose to start. Also, I feel the transitions were too fast for someone just starting out or getting back into yoga. Of course, all of this is just MY opinion. I am not commenting to be a bad seed or to say anything mean toward Shelley (I think she is really great), but to speak for those who are intimidated by yoga because of these types of videos with beginner in the title. I know my one comment wont change the way people title their content and I know not everyone agrees with my position, but I know I'm no the only one who feels this way.

  5. Hello, I just discovered you and LOVE YOU!!! I did the volume one and found it to be a little slow but still liked it then this morning I came across volume 3 and found it to be a little to fast, especially in the breaths! I felt like I was hyperventilating. So I'm thinking maybe I need volume 2 but I cant seem to find it. Also The commercial in the middle is a bit frustrating. I welcome your input. I also thank you for your classes!! Your voice is very calming and Im hooked!!!!

  6. Hi, I have been searching for beginning yoga and searching when I finally found The Mat Project I am a complete novice and found this very doable at almost 55. It's easy to understand and follow along without having to be constantly looking up or pausing the video. I thank you for your contributions and hope you make more in the future .

  7. I love your series. Found them during the height of the pandemic because I realized I needed to get back to moving, but how? I used to do gentle yoga weekly prior so this seemed like a good fit. It's challenging but with alternatives, time length is perfect for me, and best of all you recorded your voice prior to doing the movements which works so much better for me. Your videos are now part of my rotation, thank you

  8. Wonderful! I’m 75 – had bypass surgery 3 years ago and just finished chemotherapy! Have practiced yoga for over 10 years which I think has kept me going. So glad to have found you and look forward to more classes! Thank you so much!

  9. Very grateful for this class. Shavasana at the end cherry on top, most video instructors don't leave space for it, and while Im laying YouTube will just click into something else. So thank you for the moments for mindfulnesd as well as a great flow.

  10. Since COVID started, I've tried many many "Yoga for Beginners" videos. This series is my favorite, but even here there is an aspect that frustrates me in all these beginner videos. The instructor forgets we are beginners. By the time we figure out what we are to do, trying to keep one eye on the monitor, the instructor is on rep 3. I feel like I am constantly behind, being rushed. The pace may be fine for people that do this regularly, but we are beginners. I would love to find a true "for beginners" series where we are given time to get into the pose, told where we should be feeling the stretch, key info that helps us understand if we are doing the pose correctly, and poses that are designed for true beginners.

  11. I love Shelley Nicole's classes and have repeatedly followed them. I also love her soothing voice that help me "let go" on certain poses that are hard for me!. By the way, I am a 77 year old woman and am from Honnduras, Central America. Thank you! Any more of her classes besides Volumes 1, 2 and 3 for me?

  12. Dear Shelley, I love, love, love your classes, your gentle guiding voice and the movements that are perfect for my 70 yearly body. Would you consider adding another class with movements like volume 1 and 2. volume 3 gets a little fast paced for me. I like the variety in the different classes so much. I use your class 3 times a week. Thank you and Bless you.

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