Full Hip Opening with forward Bend Yoga Class with Master Ajay

1. 30 Minutes Hip Opening Yoga Pose
2. 50 yoga pose in 5 Minutes
3. Power and weight lose yoga flow
4. 40 Minutes Intensive yoga flow
5. Beautiful outdoor yoga
6. Sequences of Classic Standing pose
7. Learn Advance yoga
8. Yoga Dance
9. Reduce fat and lose weight
10. Shoulder opening and Twisting
11. Body Balancing
12. Yoga with Stick
13. Yoga Dance Tu Aati hai some me
14. Full Body yoga workout
15. Yoga for Obesity


  1. Wonderful rhythm with marvellous flexibility. You've really added excellent colours to yoga. Your devotion towards yoga helped you to reach this stage. What else are you instructing in your daily practice, Ajay ji ?

  2. A great sequence, terrible adjustments by the instructor. You do not simply push down on your students back to get them deeper into flexion.

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