Full Body Yoga Flow | Best Yoga Class To Feel Your Best Immediately

This 30 minute full body yoga class is a beautiful deep stretch and at home workout that will leave your body feeling great and your mind clear and recharged.

During these unprecedented isolated times turning to yoga is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to combat all the unsettling new challenges. We hope this yoga class finds its way to your heart and brings forward the value, grounding, and self-love that you deserve today.

When you cannot go outward, it is our belief that beautiful opportunity has been created to then go inward and do the work necessary to find exactly what you thought you needed elsewhere. Because in the end everything you need is right inside of you. All that you are looking for and all that you think you are missing. Yoga is the doorway inside, just step through.

All our love… Juliana & Mark

Shot On Vancouver Island, Canada
Intro Song: Duce Williams- Love Is True

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  1. The two of us hope this yoga class finds its way to your heart and brings you the value, grounding, and self-love that you deserve today. <3

  2. Today I felt like I could do happy baby properly for the first time. I was so amazed of how I could drop the shoulders away of my ears and really put my hips in the mat. Thank you so much for your amazing job¡

  3. This was such a wonderful yoga session! Thanks so much for sharing your great practice with us 🙏🏽💕🌸💕

  4. Hi. This came up for me on sunday july 4th 2021! Weather in st louis is nice so i flowed outside! Its gonna be a great day!!! ☮️❤😊🙏

  5. I hurt my left middle back while doing a post what should I do now?? Hurt in the Sense muscle hurt(slightest)😅😅

  6. I'm going to do this as well I think all your yoga destination practice I have to watch and doing yoga with you love it❤

  7. Excellent! I loved the flow, the release, the washing away of things that no longer serve and breathing in all that is good. The strengthening in the single-leg standing was challenging, which I love, the hip opening flow was wonderful and i love the way I feel after! Thank you so much!!

  8. Thanks for the love and light that you give to us Juliana!!! It is always a positive and invigorating experience to join you on the mat! Also, I really appreciate the way you have the classes organized by time length, that is super helpful to me to find the practice that is best for me! 🙂

  9. I almost cried because I finally let go of the extra badge I was carrying and expecting my journey to walk alone.

  10. I discovered your channel recently and I am becoming a big fan of it. I love your yoga classes, I feel amazing after each of them. Thank you very much for all your content!

  11. Whoa! I was looking for something more challenging than what I have been used to…This is it!!! You are BEAUTIFUL! TY for what you do! I love this and will be back for more!!!

  12. This definitely was a super great feel good yoga class. It left me feeling so good that I am just relaxed and all the worries are kept aside. They can wait but the present moment can not. Thanks so so so much. I'm incredibly Grateful to you for bringing in so much positivity 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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