Full Body Stretch Yoga for Athletes to Boost Recovery

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This is a Breathe and Flow yoga class for athletes to boost recovery. Also very suitable as a beginner yoga class. When resting you don’t want to go crazy with your practice but still move the body a little. This class is ideal for that!

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  1. this was amazing I didn’t think i can do it, but I did and it feels great at the end, Thank you 🙏

  2. This is a great practice. I'm usually not doing a youtube class twice but I've revisited this one 4 times already. It's precisely the stretch my body needs after running, being tight from a workout, or even sitting too long. It's not for total beginners but with the modifications and by keeping in mind you just need to feel the sensation and not go for the perfect pose, as Flo instructs so well during the class, it's great. I loved the sequencing, the instructions, the advice, the voice, and the calmness. Thanks Flo.

  3. Hi since I injured my hips in cricket about 2 years ago, i have been doing this practice on regular basis and it has helped me so much with my athleticism and flexibility,and has helped me stay injury free for the last 2 years. Your explanation and words are very soothing and calming, feels like you are speaking directly to me. Thanks for this practice, it has been very helpful in my daily life,work and my game.

  4. I feel pain in my tricep tendons (just behind my elbow) while doing downward facing dog after a while. Should I avoid this move altogether, or do it until I start feeling the pain?

  5. Your videos are amazing brother. I am a martial artist and I’m just getting into yoga as opposed to static stretching and I have to say you have been a great inspiration and help. Keep up the amazing work man!

  6. Every time I hear you need to keep pushing through it because it's challenging. Like in real life. Idk why but, that just cracks me up then I lose the pose.

  7. This one has become almost a daily routine. Thank you for creating timeless content and bringing your light into the world.

  8. This was a great class for some post-hike stretching. Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. As someone who is just getting into yoga and health, I love how this video is both easy and challenging. I have over 100lbs to lose, back pains, and knee problems, and I can do this flow. It's about mindset, controlling your energy, and what your body allows you to do. I don't push myself, but I like getting into these positions, finding what works for me, and just breathing in them. This one, and many other videos, are in my weekly Fitness playlist. Thanks Breathe and Flow for helping me get stronger!

  10. Biginner???? The first pose was impossible for me, I was like 30cm far from the floor, I didn know that a man could do those pose. I will be back next year after training with real biginner trains…

  11. I am a very inflexible 52 year old man that only concentrated on strength and power lifting since I was 14 years old. I only wish I would have incorporated yoga into my fitness routine even 15 or 20 years ago. Better late than never, I suppose. Thank you.

  12. Really Surprised of how hard and challenging this workout is. However after the session, made my eyes open to a new world. Thank you so much. So relaxing and calm.

  13. Why would you call this a stretch routine for recovery. To me that signals ‘easy and relaxing stretches for a recovery day’, not ‘one legged dogs and tiger curls’…

  14. Going to incorporate this as my weekend recovery… felt great after grueling lifts during the week .. this was amazing thank you so much

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