FLYING FLOW Intermediate / Advanced Yoga Class – 30 Minutes


FLYING FLOW Intermediate / Advanced Yoga Class – 30 Minutes

~With a lot of help from Joe DiBella, Steve Warrington, and John Salvatore. *Only I* can take credit for any sloppy, chopping editing :O.~

Creative vinyasa flow sequencing, arm balances, headstand & handstand play, chin stand opportunity, wild thing, side plank b, koundinyasana 1, koundinyasana 2, core work, half moon variation

This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced-level Vinyasa Yoga practitioners. Please always feel free to make the practice suit your needs. Aim always for a balance of work and play (sthira sukham asanam). If that means backing off of particular postures, please do. If it means adding your own flair and experimentation, please do!

This was filmed at the YouTube Space in NY. I was in over my head with the beautiful equipment they have available, from cameras to lenses to lighting and editing software, but with the help of this wonderful resource, I aim to improve and refine my humble channel, butlerl2, and make it worthy of the YouTube Studio.

The next video to be released, Sunday 12/20, will be a 30-minute class for beginners called “Beginners Can Sweat Too.”
It’ll be a great way to introduce friends to yoga, or to revisit some of the basics. On Sunday, 12/27, I’ll be publishing a short video on Handstand Drills l, and on Sunday, 01/03/16, I’ll publish a short video on how to stretch the hamstrings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching. Please stay in touch and let me know your needs. Each video I make is in answer to a request!

So much gratitude and infinite love,



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  1. Leigha I love your classes! Have been practising with you for several months now, and I can't help but feel amazed every time I'm able to reach a new pose. Thank you! <3

  2. This is definitely my favourite class of yours. Thank you so much for your work. I always learn so much from you Leigha, Would love to see more of these flying flows 😉 please keep your videos coming

  3. Love your work Leigha. Feel like we go way back since I've been doing yoga with your vids for the last year. Is there any additional ways of supporting your work?

  4. just tried the new workout, great for the glutes, but that's also when you realize all the muscles in the core, posterior chain, legs, are connected

  5. Thank you so much for posting. I absolutely love your videos and I can't wait to see more! Would you be able to do one that focuses on strengthening the upper body?

  6. so so SOOO happy to see you posted another video!!! ek! I have been patiently waiting for this. 🙂 thank you for sharing your amazing talent and grace and for being such an inspiration. love love love! <3

  7. great as always. The volume was lower on this than on your previous vids watched and on my computor dif to catch what you were saying, any chance to turn it up? 0mmmmmmmmmmm

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