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This 60+ minute yoga class is an example of my “go to” home practice. I might not ever practice or teach this series again, because this practice was inspired by me listening and flowing with my breath and body and being in the moment. My home practice is always changing and I am happy to share this day with you. I hope this inspires you to start your own practice and explore the yoga postures that FEEL GOOD to you. Join me for this uplifting and challenging practice!

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado (

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  1. Thanks Erin!!!! That was quite challenging and beautiful! I almost never sweat when practicing, but this time… 😅🙌

  2. I just love this one so so so much! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 It is gorgeous and one of my favorites. Thank you so much, Erin! 🥰

  3. Special thanks to Erin because thanks to this class, I actually did my first flying pigeon today! I'd been intimidated by the pose and had been trying it for a year or so, doing classes with build up etc. She got into it so naturally and quickly, that I had no time to overthink it and I surprised myself – because today I did it! <3 It's good when good days follow the bad ones… thanks for sharing this!

    (Overall, I thought it would be difficult to follow, but it was so much fun! It's sheer proof that when you enjoy teaching something, others will enjoy learning it 🙂 )

  4. This was one beautiful strong intense and why spiritual hour of good Yoga!❤ i tood this class to not just be on my couch the afternoon in this quarantibe on 2021. I am glad I did. Thank You!

  5. It was fun to see you having fun and just flowing! Truly greatful for all your practices and how they're bringing my strength, flexibility and stamina to the next level! You are truly wonderful!

  6. From someone who’s been practicing for the last 8 years regularly, this practice has wonderful sequencing which felt fantastic and kept me engaged throughout. Thank you Erin!

  7. This one is challenging but fun! I came into it thinking I'd just move my body a bit, get rid of some neck pain. Then it turned out to be this sweating / out of breath / awesome practice! I am shaking, but I am looking at the smiles on Erin's face, and I feel empowered as I am moving thru the flow! If I hadn't practiced with Erin on other videos, I would have not been able to complete this minus the arm balance 🙂 thanks for a great class again!

  8. I do one of your classes every morning. This one is one of my favorites. Thank you for offering fun and challenging classes. Happy Holidays!

  9. This exercise is perfectly titled: I just did it and I feel so good. This my day 3 of the 30 day challenge. I am so looking forward to the rest of the journey. Erin – What I love about your yoga is exactly what you call the "non traditional" moves and transitions. I keep getting pleasant surprises and your exercises are never boring. Your vides are challenging (which is what I want) but I also feel very supported. And I absolutely love the settings you choose to film these videos. Thank you for making these high quality exercises available. I am not sure I want to go back to the gym when it is open again. :>)

  10. Thank you Erin, this was amazing! The background sounds of birds and rustling leaves make me feel like I'm outside enjoying nature in the summer and it feels great (c:

  11. omg this might be the best yoga class i've ever done. halfway through i was shaking and sweating and i had the dumbest grin on my face because i was loving it so much. what an absolute treat!!! thank you thank you thank you erin!

  12. I felt so good after doing this one and I love all your yoga videos , probably one of the best follow along yoga practice videos . Appreciate you sharing this with all of us . Thank you

  13. This was very challenging for
    Me I only did half the class thanks Erin I’ll try again when I have more practice

  14. This was so awesome! At this moment it feels like it was the best yoga session I’ve ever had! I also haven’t been able to do any yoga in the past couple of days. Thank you!

  15. Sometimes you need to break free of the mold and do something entirely spontaneous. This was exactly it. Once your mind gets past the frustration of not knowing exactly what move comes next and you let go – you feel so free! I swapped my jogging with my yoga day because my body was screaming "everything is tight!" and this was just the practise I needed. Challenging both mentally and physically and now I feel the release I was looking for. Thank you Erin!

  16. One of my all time favourite classes – I always come back to this when I'm feeling a little stuck. Thank you!

  17. Day 3 of my yoga challenge. It was so hard. Ive been doing yoga for 4 years now but really struggled with the pace and strength required. I got to the end though and am glad I did. I know I need to challenge myself and one day I will try this one again

  18. It said "feel good yoga"… i was expecting some kind of easy flow yoga but omg I paused the video 2 times in 35 min to take a breath. I have exercised with many of your yoga videos but this one is the toughest one i have come across to. Many poses are impossible for me to follow LOL Thanks for amazing videos. I love your videos!

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