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Here is a little video about my Online Studio, a space for playful yoga-inspired classes to deepen your practice. Come to move, breathe, and create delicious mind-body connections.

All practices are created from my 20 years of practice and 10 years of teaching internationally. Strong, fluid, creative, and playful; my signature style is a slow, dance-like method that uses breath to strengthen one’s connections somatically.

You will find four new in-depth 5-day programs: Wheel Variations, Morning Glow, Dancerโ€™s Pose Progression, and Slow Motion Potion. Each program consists of 5 progressive classes to take your practice to the next level and journal prompts to help unravel your inner layers.

By subscribing to the membership package, you will get unlimited access to a growing library of fresh on-demand classes and content crafted based on the Communityโ€™s feedback, live classes, and exclusive perks.

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PS. Wearing Isabelle Moon ๐ŸŒ™, my eco-conscious Yoga brand. More info below.




Isabelle Moon is an ethical and eco-conscious yoga and lifestyle clothing brand inspired by femininity, founded by Meghan Currie.

We exclusively use eco-friendly materials that are naturally dyed, incredibly comfortable, highly functional, and made to bring out women’s innate beauty and sensuality. Each Isabelle Moon item is carefully handcrafted in Bali in alignment with earth-loving values. Our partners are family-owned, local Indonesian artisans.






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