Easy Yoga Class for Athletes to Boost Recovery | Breathe and Flow Yoga

Quick and simple Breathe and Flow yoga practice for athletes to boost recovery. This practice is ideal for beginners, for athletes that want to stretch and move in addition to their training or when you just don’t feel like something strong today but still want to move – this is the class for you.

Short and sweet, ideal for the morning, a lunch break or evening before bed.

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Breathe and Flow is a travel, yoga and lifestyle channel. Knowing that the body benefits from movement while the mind benefits from stillness, we share our philosophy of mental stillness through the fluidity of a strong practice. Bre and Flo are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance® holding certifications as RYT 500, E-RYT 200, and are also Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers (YACEP). They are trained in vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, myofascial release therapy, reiki, prenatal yoga and are certified in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 and 2, as well as certified Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialists. Bre and Flo have taught at several premium yoga studios in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and are teaching their retreats, workshops and at festivals around the world.


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  1. I’m an athlete and I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now. Today at the gym my lower back started hurting, so I called it early and did this practice. Happy to say my back almost feels normal now

  2. Everything about my health is promoted by yoga and stretching. It’s too tight to walk my hands forward in crisscross.

  3. This is my first yoga session ever. I always thought it was too feminine for my liking but after a few injury's due to working out, this is pretty good for rest day exercise.

  4. Just curious, why you make your thumbnails topless… but then go ahead and wear a top during the actual video… ;p

  5. This is beginner yoga, OMG this was so hard, I am 6'6 and I've been working on my fitness more seriously for the past year plus but I realized lifting weight alone is not enough

  6. I have been going to the gym for way too long with little to no stretching and it’s taking it’s toll on my body. Decided to make a change, found this video, and I’m so glad I did. I can already feel the difference. Hopefully soon I’ll be at the point where I can almost hit these poses

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