Welcome back to AnimalWised where in this video, ‘‘Dog Yoga Class: DOGA’’ We offer you a step by step on how to practice a dog class. If you’re looking for a fun and physical activity to share with your dog, DOGA is for you! Stay tunes for more basic doga yoga positions.

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  1. My puppy was cough cough humping me the WHOLE time and trying to bite my nose! 😂 My dog absolutely hates being touched or movements really in general lmao.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing video! Could I possibly please give a little feedback? I am blind, and I was watching your video, well, listening anyway, but I couldn't really follow it because there was no description of the poses you were doing. I did not know how to do the cat cow pose or the downward facing dog. Could you possibly please try to describe the way you perform the poses so that I know how to do them? Sorry, I know it will be very hard because it is not something you do every day thank you so so much if you could possibly do that for me and for others thank you so much!

  3. Si se relaja, pero me muerde mientras me acuesto en la última etapa :(, y también me dio un cabezazo 🤪, ladro de felicidad, pues ahora relaciona el tapete con la doga yoga

  4. I love that the dog is enjoying these massages so much!
    Any time that you spend with your dog is not wasted time.
    I have yoga challenges for the humans and we give back to rescue dogs.
    Everyone that completes a challenge earns toys or treats for a dog waiting to find their home to do yoga with someone 😊

  5. I like how the dogs comfort is important to you and how it’s all about making sure they are happy and have a choice. All dog guardians should have this attitude

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