Do I Teach Yoga or Open a Yoga Studio?

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QUESTION: “Hey Lucas, where can I work with my yoga teaching degree? And can I open a yoga studio after graduation?”

If you ask any yoga studio owner what their biggest problem is, everyone will tell you the same: finding great teachers. Despite all the “certified teachers” out there, most are not able to teach a good class and provide good service.

So even studios that aren’t officially hiring are still always on the lookout for great teachers—they’re desperate for them.

You might not also be aware of this, but today, there are actually more jobs outside yoga studios than inside. This means that there is more yoga happening in gyms, fitness centers, schools, hospitals, with corporate clients, and privately than inside studios.

Here’s why this is a good thing:

As a yoga teacher, more options means you’re not dependent on just one company to determine your future. More options means a wider variety of pay scales too. A private or corporate client will often by 3-5x’s what your average studio pays, and even schools and hospital jobs tend to pay at least double the average wage.

So when you’re thinking about your teaching career, don’t get stuck on the “where” because yoga classes can happen just about everywhere.

Next, to answer the question about studio ownership.

Yes, of course you can open you own studio. Studio ownership is a big step, and for the right person at the right time, it’s a wonderful small business to open. I opened my first yoga studio when I was 27 years old, and it nearly killed me. I opened the studio because I wanted to teach, but I was so busy with the back office, I was hardly teaching at all. The studio was financially successful from the 1st month, but I had over a dozen employees and the operations were so complicated I was drowning in work.

Today at YOGABODY, we have a new business model that’s working great and solves all the problems I suffered during my first studio. It’s designed for yoga teachers like me who love yoga and want to own a studio, but don’t want the studio to own them. The big difference with the YOGABODY model is we make the business all about yoga, nothing else. This means minimal staff, minimal overhead, extremely simple membership options. It’s all about the practice.

Yoga Teachers College Graduates can apply to open affiliate studio locations, and our affiliate model is as simple to understand as our business model. No strict rules, no crazy franchise fees, no complicated structures… if you’re accepted, you benefit from our proven business model, brand, and growth, but you hold onto all your freedom.

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