Deeply Restorative Yoga Full Class No Music

Over 70 minutes of Restorative Yoga.
This is a great routine to chill to. Restorative yoga is a passive form of yoga that makes use of props to support the body so that poses can be held for longer periods of time.
Gather throw pillows, blankets, bolsters and blocks, to help you in your poses.

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Here are the poses that we will be doing so that you can follow along

Supported Savasana
Supported Child’s Pose 6:05
Supported Bridge Pose 18:10
Legs up against the Wall Pose 28:35
Supported Fish Pose with Legs in Cobbler’s Pose 31:50
Supported Wheel of Life/ Child’s Twist Right Side 50:40
Supported Wheel of Life/ Child’s Twist Right Side 56:15
Savasana 1:02:30

Welcome to my yoga channel!

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My name is Su, and I teach yoga. I aim to provide you with free yoga. Please hang around, because I will be providing lots of different yoga classes for you to choose from. Yoga classes that will soon become available will include these yoga styles: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga and many more!

I like to make sure that everyone from beginners to advance yogis can reap benefits from yoga. We will stretch our muscles, but also calm busy minds.

Come yoga with me. See you on the mat!


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  1. Hello! Wonderful class! Thank you for sharing on You Tube. Can you tell me what positions are restricted when I am on my period? I love doing yoga everyday but have heard not to do certain positions during that time of the month.

  2. Thank you very much for the silence! Other teachers say that in Yin Yoga there'll be long periods of silence but keep talking all the time which is very tiring. Your session is just wonderful! Thanks again. Take care and have a nice day!

  3. Absolutely loved this! The past month I've been doing a lot more restorative and yin yoga and when I did my usual hatha practice, I couldn't believe the difference. I found it easier to do postures I've struggled with and my vinyasa practice just flowed so much better. I'm now doing 2 yin/restorative practices to 1 hatha practice. I'm really looking forward to my classes starting up again after the summer holidays, my teacher has the class in my local college, so I can share with her my summer experience! Thanks so much for this relaxing practice, om shanti, namaste 🙏 💖 💖 💖 💖

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