Day 310 BEING – NOT BEING – Matias De Stefano – English Edit

Day 310 BEING – NOT BEING – X-h – I Am Eternal Spiral

The intention today, well we are all together here, usually every toroid day we connect online with them to be together connected. But this time we are all here together and we went to one of the pyramids today so we have been connected to the toroid physically so that’s why I wanted to start today with the alignment that we are all together here.
We will start with the alignment first and then I will start explaining about tomorrow.
Today we have been in sakkara and we were all together there and it’s been really powerful, but we just came from there so we didn’t have the time to really share and understand what happened there so I will explain and share with you tomorrow when we finish.
Today we were in sakkara pyramid and it was meant to be the place to activate the protikta, the cube, so we download or activated all the frequency of the different elements from north to south, time and space we connect them all to the void and from the void we expanded to the heart of each of the people present there. And now in a few hours we will go to the sphinx to activate this info and then to spread it to the entire network through the great pyramid of Cheops. All of that as a preparation to go then to go to Abu Ghrab for the alignment during the eclipse. And remember that the eclipse tomorrow makes a new beginning for the I AM path because it is the season between the eclipse until december 4 which is the path of the kundalini of the planet, which is the path of the dragon. So tomorrow begins a new path, a new way or energy for the path.

We sit comfortable, close our eyes and concentrate on our breathing.
I become aware of my physical body, honoring it here and now. Becoming aware of this body that I inhabit. I bring my attention to my feet going up, to my legs, the hip, waste, all the back, shoulders, arms, hands, I relocate my body moving it softly. As I move softly my head in circles until I find my axis.
I imagine that I have a mirror in front of me and I can see myself in the reflection from the feet to the head, to the legs, the chest, hands and arms, until I can see myself starting, watching straight into my eyes. Take a deep breath. As I stare to my flesh, I position myself as the one that is. I recognize me, the verb, to be, and in my reflection, I can see all the things that can tell about myself not to be: the void. From this side I am everything, from the other side, I am nothing. And I recognize that being everything doesn’t allow me to be new things, and I can only express a new being in my life, a new way of being through the void, of not be. Becoming aware of this, I connect myself to the heart of my reflection, in a spiral of to be and not to be. I use my hands if I need them to connect from heart to heart to the reflection. I connect from heart to heart what I am and all the things that I am not in order to allow me to become something new, in a new reality, in a transcendental existence. And I recognise in those 2 forces the sun and the moon. I am the sun irradiating light, being reflected on the moon. And between my darkness and my light, I am able to create a new path. As I breathe, I imagine this infinite spiral expanding throughout my whole body through my feet and my head, expanding to the information that I am, and all the things that I am not, creating the possibilities to become something new. And from north to south, from below my feet and upon my head I imagine this spiral creating a torus that surrounds my whole body and also my reflection. And I take a deep breath expanding this torus, unifying this center with all the others around. As a unique torus. And I expand the vibration throughout the spiral.
I am eternal spiral x 3
I think, I think, I think.
Take a deep breath, and each one, at its own time, start to come back here and now stretching and yawning.
So the task to make, if you are quiet in a place, in a home or whatever, put the symbols of the zodiac signs around like in a clock, and in the center a candle, and you stare at the light of the candle as you meditate and listen to the 12 names, the mantras of the 12 names that you have everywhere on youtube, spotify and all the platforms so you can listen and connect with the 12 names of the creator.

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