Day 16 THE DARKNESS – Matias De Stefano – English Edit

Day 16 Sacrum DARKNESS

Hello everyone, good morning, good evening, goodnight. Welcome to another alignment day. I hope that the post today helps you to find yourself and to clarify something.
One of the things that I wanted to clarify from the post today is about our perceptions and it’s been so long, so much time that we have been taught about the darkness of someone against us. In reality darkness is just another creature that is evolving in this universe where we all are. We cannot recognize the purpose of darkness until we face our own darkness our own things that we have within. One of the main things that we need to understand is that we usually think that darkness is something against light. It’s not like this, darkness is not something against light, darkness is the distortion of light. This is something very important to understand, that darkness is the distortion of light. Because we as humans we used to think, to believe that everything is opposite to each other. Like positive, negative, no they are not opposite, they are complimentary. One of the main things that helps us to understand is that there are no forces in the universe that are against each other but all the forces are complimentary to each other. Acknowledging that will help us to realize that we don’t have to fight against anything. That we just have to balance. One of the things that we are have been doing recently is to call ourselves warriors. Warriors of light, rainbow warriors and there is no war to fight. We are not warriors. I am not a warrior, have come here for a different thing. All the things that we have like fighting they are just a human perspective, it’s not the truth. It’s just a human perspective of fighting and trying to survive. One of the things why we fight or we are against each other is because we fight to take control over the other one. And I want to control the other one because I want to expand my territory. The reason why I want to expand my territory is because I want to have more things. I want to have more things because I want to have something to survive, like food because I don’t want to die. Everyone who is fighting basically is fighting for survival. There are many wars, not only here on Earth. Also in other constellations, other dimensions. Not all the wars are fought with guns or swords. It doesn’t matter which war we are trying to fight, the last battle of all the battles is the one we have within. It is with ourselves. Of course the only thing that we have to fight for within is the war between our light and our darkness. And as I said before, the darkness is just the distortion of light. So basically the war is the light fighting with itself in its different perspectives. Because darkness doesn’t exist. You don’t need to find a balance between the both of them, because the darkness is just the light distorted. So when we go towards our darkness it is just potential that we have no idea how to use properly. So any conflict and war that we have with ourselves within, with someone in our environment or even the war between countries, is just potential that haven’t really worked properly. And it’s normal for us as we go into the path of evolution to get even more confused because the more experiences we have the more distortion, so we lose the clarity. Once we realize that every darkness that we face in our lives is just our own light distorted then we can realize that to be free we just need to love our darkness, to recognize it, to honour it and to let the light shine properly according to that darkness. We leave ourselves free from that. All our history has brought us to believe that there are good things and bad things. But the truth is that there are not things that are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ but there are only ‘things’ and ‘balance’. So the most important job that we have in our lives is to do is to work with ourselves, to achieve that balance. I know it’s difficult to accept most of the time that the most horrible facts and acts that happen in our society because of course it’s very difficult for us to understand why they happen. The truth is that there are no bad things by nature, things become unbalanced by the experience. This is why our great responsibility is to try to bring back the balance. I myself have lived many of the darkest things, demons, possessions, many things throughout my life and I faced the darkness….

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