Day 15 THE EGO – Matias De Stefano – English Edit

Day 15 Solar Plexus THE EGO

Hi everyone, how are you? Good evening, good morning, goodnight, wherever you are. Welcome, I was reading your comments in facebook and social media and I am happy and glad that I am getting so many comments that explained how many insights you got from everything that we are doing and that you are moving a lot of things within, which was the goal, of course. So, good, cool. Every day of course I am writing in the blog but what I do is more like a diary to write everything that is my own process, but I decided to share that inner process with all of you to be like a kind of a mirror… so you can also be reflected in that, to do the daily work, the insight work. So I am glad that is helping because I’ve seen so many comments. So I’ve read some of the stories and it’s good to feel that it’s helping. So today is a day related to the “Plexus” chakra in the week of “Emotion”. This chakra, the plexus in the mental aspect is reflected to the self, the only one which is myself. But in the emotional it is related to the connection with everything that I have around me, everything that is connected to me. The main idea of what I wrote today about the ego which is related to the plexus, is that the ego is just a tool. A tool to evolution, to evolve. Ego is this construction that helps build what is outside and also is built by all of the things that are outside. So this is like a symbiosis on how to connect with the outer world, so we need to know how to handle the ego. For sure you have heard many teachers and many masters or many religions or traditions that for sure have taught you about how the ego is stopping you to connect with the divine. That one of the main things that you have to do in order to reach the divine is to get rid of the ego. Because it’s like something that doesn’t allow you to connect with the divine. But I would say exactly the opposite because those people that maybe are teaching that is because they have worked a lot with the ego themselves. So when someone that has made a path tells you this is not useful but you don’t know why it’s not useful yet, so it’s not good for you. Because your ego is the only tool that you have in your daily life, it’s the only you have to acknowledge who you are in this reality. So this is why you should not get rid of the ego, you should understand what ego is, how to handle the ego and so make the ego a correct tool towards the divine. But ego means “I”, “I am” is ego. In Latin, in Greek “Ego sum” – “I am”. So there is nobody in the world that doesn’t have ego because everyone has a name, everyone has life, everyone is reflected into others. So you cannot say never, I don’t have ego, because if you exist you have ego. So this is the only way you can be here. So what you have to do is to work with the ego in order to be balanced so your ego is useful for you. This is what we are trying to work with in this path. We are not against the ego. We are helping the ego to be in balance. One of the things I was explaining in the text was that the ego, that the diving, the self, is someone, something that knows everything, that is everything. The everything, the divine can know everything in just one moment in just one spot. It cannot create without ego. Ego is the one that goes away from the centre and has a separate perception and creates. All the arts, everything that we create, everything that we create daily, everything that we wish, that we do, that we aim for in our lives is related to the ego not to the spirit. This is why it is so important to understand that both of them are “one”. This is “I am” and that’s why we are working with this. This is the most important thing because to make the “I am” you need the “I” and the “am”.

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