Core Strength the Iyengar Way – FREE IYENGAR YOGA CLASS

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In Iyengar Yoga we learn that the work of the arms and legs must be integrated with the work of the core. This will bring an experience of true core strength. This FREE strength-building class will teach you how to stabilize with your core while working your limbs in poses like Locust Pose, 4-Limbed Staff Pose, and Side Plank (Vasistha’s) Pose.


  1. This was such a great class, thank you! It is so difficult to find Iyengar classes online – does anyone know of any good resource? Thanks!

  2. this is terrible. not even yoga. no focus on breathing. no poses or flows, basically tensing your abs while laying on blocks. skip it.

  3. I loved this class! It has made me want to learn more about iyengar yoga. It can be tricky practising at home. I love how precise and clear Dana's instructions are.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this for free! I loved this class and the very good explanation the teacher provided. Namaste

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