Cafe, Bookstore, Yoga Studio, & Laundromat Part 1 || The Sims 4: Speed Build

— 💜 Open Me 💜 —

Hi guys! Today I am building a cafe, bookstore, yoga studio and laundromat in the old town of Windenburg! In this part you will see the exterior and in part 2 I show the interior. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching!

Part 2:

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What Reshade do you use?
– I use a re-shade preset by @Harrie

( I have made few edits to this preset, I turned off both LiftGammaGain and Colourfulness and I turned on LumaSharpen )

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  1. Can you do a single parent with 7 kids in a tiny apartment due to low funds? Would love to see the clutter and where you place everything!!💓

  2. I love this!! I just saved a build yesterday to the gallery with a similar vibe but in Newcrest…a coffee cafe, florist shop, furniture store and bubble bar. And it has 4 apartments! I had it run as a retail lot, lock certain doors and hire a barista. I hope they update for multi use lots soon! I was inspired by your movie megaplex🥰Please check out my build (OlgaRedd) I’d love some feedback😉

  3. What world is this? Sorry if you said it and I missed it as I have it on my background at work and am mostly just watching it on my second screen 😀

  4. I have no idea why you don’t have over 1mil subs you videos are awesome I’ve told my whole fam about you 💗💗💗😊😊😊

  5. hey guys Ive just started posting speed builds on my channel and it would mean heaps if you could please go check them out and subscribe. Thank you xx

  6. This is amazing! You are so creative when it comes to community lots like this. Definitely going to download this lot and I can't wait for your save file 💛

  7. Love this! I'm very ooh interested in your computer specs. What programs you use for recording these videos and what not!

  8. These are so amazing!! Glad to hear the library worked with this lot. And that's cool to hear about using the pool for a hotel!! I didn't know that!! I have to now. 😆

  9. That would be a dream….being able to make multiple-use and multiple-home lots. It really bothers me that lots are so spaced out. Makes everything feel unnatural and limited.

    But I think an easier fix would be allowing us world-building commands, and being able to choose how big and how close lots are in each section of a world. I have a feeling multiple-use or multiple-home lots would be too complicated for this game to handle, but who knows 🤷‍♀️

    at the very least, they should make it so that things like barista counters, bars, spa equipment, food stands, etc. hire automatically for ANY commercial or non residential/vacation lot. That’s my biggest gripe.

  10. Hello this is my first ever video I've seen of you and I was wondering what are you playing and all I can think of isthe cats and dogs pack cuz I'm very new to the add-ons so if someone could tell me thank you and great video by the way

  11. This is so pretty im 😢 now i wanna do a bunch of community lots for newcrest! Tho i didnt know your sym could take their laundry to other lots to do it?

  12. I am new to your channel but I really like it and I am also new to the sims 4 I just got the game and I just watched a 2017 video that said you could build me a house I was just wondering if you could still do that? If you could it would be awesome… but I just wouldn’t know how to do it

  13. This is so fun! See….while everyone else is screaming for University, I want MULTI LOT FUNCTIONS!!
    That would make gameplay SO much better. Great build!!

  14. Hey! A laundromat! I suggested this :DDD I'm super happy 😀 And I wouldn't have imagined to do this in this town, but that a really great idea 😀

  15. Hey simlicy I think it would be very creative if u make a crazy family house wherr it has crazy colors and shapes

  16. I love this! If the roofs were a little concaved it would remind me of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter 😊 can’t wait to see Part 2

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