1. Hi Neil! I'm your new fans. Thanks for sharing this BKS Sir's classes are so hard to find. I want to ask: 1. is this a lass for beginners? 2. where can I find more classes of BKS and other guru ( JAGGI SWAMI, ect)? Thank you very much! @Neil Phillips

  2. Gymnastics should b like a washing machine where your body is washed to keep it from getting soiled up with crud & unusable.

  3. Sheer beauty from our past and present teacher. And no mats, lol the horror, yogamatters goes reeee 🙂

  4. He says that he doesn't have an adequate command over the English language yet he speaks like a university professor.

  5. हिन्दी भाषा में भी वनाए बहुत लोग विडियो देखेंगे

  6. His focus on safety, alignment has helped me to stay safe and healthy doing yoga from Teen to Adulthood. Thank you so much. Master Yogi BKS Iyengar. Namaste! <3 I am reading his book on audio ebook right now. xo

  7. You should hold the poses for 30 breaths atleast for full benefits. It takes 3 mins for blood to circulate in ur body. Try to hold it for 3 mins

  8. When u bend and lick into poses, you restrict and facilitate flow of blood over your endocrine glands. Your endocrine system is the master of all ur body systems. It is these endocrine glands which start functioning as necessary via yoga. That's wherre it begins.

  9. Neil..you are doing a great job. BKS Sir was an icon in the yoga world. I am physician and yoga therapist from India. You have been my inspiration. I started my channel to aim holistic health and you being my source of inspiratin..Neil.

  10. Missing Guruji..I wish guruji would have put all Asans on YouTube..Perfection to the core.. Aligning mind with body is the core message of yoga, which guruji keeps on giving to all the followers

  11. Individual and family package yoga teaching if you have interested please inform
    Practical experience in 7year
    Course completed in Sivananda TTC yoga

  12. Remarkable instruction for the hip placement achieved by placing the hand (18:44). I worked all night for this, and finally got it. The result is flowing everywhere, knees in both legs, stable pelvis, broadened sacrum. Thanks for posting this (newcomer here).

  13. Yoga is dynamic meditation. A realised guru will not utter a word.Such a yoga will only have physical benefits and no spiritual benefits.This is physical yoga not spiritual yoga

  14. At 4:17, He says turn the left foot in and is turning his right foot.. anyone else notice it? is it intentional?

  15. What' was with the "split Forehead" thingy?? Please excuse the question if it was a birth mark. Just curious!

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