Backbend Yoga Class – 60 Minute Heart Opening Flow

Back-bending is about finding strength in the back muscles and flexibility in the front of the body to come together and create a bend in the back! This class will do both of those for you – strengthen your back and core and stretch out your hips and chest. These movements are well known for their energy inducing and positivity building vibes!

*This class was filmed live*

During these difficult times, I’d love for everyone, no matter where they are in the world or what they are earning to enjoy my classes so I am offering these on a donation basis of ‘Pay what you can’.

If you’d like to make a contribution then feel free to do so on this link.

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💻 Workshops

► Master your beginners arm balances:

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► Take your arm balances to the next level:

► Nerd out on flexibility methods and techniques to know exactly how to reach your flexibility goals:

🏆 Challenges

► Go from tight hips to mobility master in 28 days:

► Master your first Pincha with 28 day method:

► Transform your backbends in 1 month by focusing on the parts that matter:

► Transform your flexibility in 28 days:

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