Audition Tips for Yoga Teachers – with Sherry Zak Morris, Owner of the Yoga Vista Studio

Yoga Studio Owners look for specific tangibles and intangibles when they decide who to bring onto their studio staff. Listen and learn what goes on in the head and heart of a studio owner in the hiring process. This video is an excerpt from Sherry Zak Morris’ 2-Hr “The Business & Marketing of Yoga” which is a part of 200-Hr Teacher Training Programs in Southern California. Sherry has been a Yoga Studio owner since 2005.

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  1. Thank You, I appreciate all of your thoughts on auditioning. At the very least I feel as though your words will help me be me and enjoy the audition rather than stress over it. Because truly that's all I want to do, enjoy the audition. Then if I get the position, great, if not no worries as there's always room to grow!

  2. I have my very first audition on Wednesday. This was super helpful thanks for creating this video!

  3. Thanks for sharing!  I think next time I teach, there will be a little warrior taffy to some Stevie Wonder songs!  Woo Hoo!

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