Anytime Vinyasa flow – Yoga class

Just want to move? All you need is 40 minutes and your yoga mat.

You will find me teaching vinyasa flow at Hot Yoga Uppsala, Sweden. If you have a chance stop by the studio take class and say hello 🙂

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  1. You actually explain how to do the poses right, I tried following few other classes and ended up hurting myself slightly. Will subscribe. Thank you .

  2. I am fairly new to yoga, but have fallen in love! Can I please just say what wonderful instruction you give. I find your videos easy to follow and well structured, even for a beginner like me! Thank you x

  3. Can't wait to follow a new class of yours on Youtube. They've been great during these days being confined. Will you be adding some level 2 and 3 classes any time soon ? Thanks again !

  4. Hello again! Great class. I enjoy your youtube videos and Instagram. Question – how to you get such a toned body. Do you do weights as well. I mean you are very strong. Thanks.

  5. I absolutely love this class. The pacing in perfect and the stretches great. It's taken me a while to find one like this and it continues to be one of my favourite to practice to. Thank you!

  6. Hello Lizette ! This practice really opened my eyes on the right way to place my hips when doing warrior poses and half slipts ! I still struggle a littleto keep them straight in 3 legged dog (my back is always twisted when I look in the mirror), but I really enjoyed discovering this new side of yoga that I just didn't imagine before ! Thank you !

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