A day in my life at Isha Yoga Center

So this 7th October was my 29th birthday. And I badly wanted to make a day in my life kind of a video since I’ve moved to Isha Yoga Center.
But sadly they don’t allow us to shoot inside. Still I tried my best to show you somehow.. what I do in a day here at the ashram.
Hope you’ll get an idea. Enjoy 🙂
#IshaYogaCenter #AshramLife

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  1. Hai akka neenga pesarathu purila akka , enaku oru help panregala akka wrk kitaikuma akka na romba kastathla iruka akka

  2. I really love your video, I am blessed with two boys one is 14 other is 11, I have this wish that I want both of my kids to go at Esha Ashram and stay for 7 months program once they complete there 12 classes, I don't want to send them to college just after school, So my plan is they should know themselves better before they enter this Wild Wild world. 🙏 Creator Bless us all.

  3. I am 19…..& I eagerly want to be at isha…
    But I don't know from where to start?
    I have time of 2 month, is there a course suitable for me…!

  4. I am a software engineer. Looking to stay in Isha campus and work from there….. Do you think it is possible to manage?

  5. Idk what's wrong with me but for me, Isha Centre life seems like heaven to me just watching nature and people interactions at such a peaceful level. Idk if I am talking any sense but one day I will experience that life it's my dream.

  6. If you do feel connected with guru shishya parampara then please be unapologetic about worshipping your guru.

  7. my bday is on 7 oct we libra are crazy and live unconventional life.U are adorable n lucky to be in ashram

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