A day in my life at Isha Yoga Center

So this 7th October was my 29th birthday. And I badly wanted to make a day in my life kind of a video since I’ve moved to Isha Yoga Center.
But sadly they don’t allow us to shoot inside. Still I tried my best to show you somehow.. what I do in a day here at the ashram.
Hope you’ll get an idea. Enjoy 🙂
#IshaYogaCenter #AshramLife

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  1. I really love your video, I am blessed with two boys one is 14 other is 11, I have this wish that I want both of my kids to go at Esha Ashram and stay for 7 months program once they complete there 12 classes, I don't want to send them to college just after school, So my plan is they should know themselves better before they enter this Wild Wild world. 🙏 Creator Bless us all.

  2. Idk what's wrong with me but for me, Isha Centre life seems like heaven to me just watching nature and people interactions at such a peaceful level. Idk if I am talking any sense but one day I will experience that life it's my dream.

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