60 Minute Yoga Class – Vinyasa 1 Beginner Friendly Flow

Whether you’re newer to yoga or want to focus on the foundations of the asanas (poses), this is a solid level 1 / beginner friendly vinyasa flow class to practice. If you’re brand new to yoga, I recommend this class to start –

Some of these students have been practicing for years and add on to these poses. Be sure to listen to your body, breathe, and take breaks when you need them! If there are too many downdogs or chaturangas (high to low push-up), skip them!

Thank you for your support and for practicing with me! If you’d like to donate to help me produce more content and keep a small business going, I accept donations via Venmo (@Helen-Cloots), PayPal (Helen@FloatingYogaSchool.com), and my website (

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  1. Today's yoga life takeaway: I am empowered to modify, I am empowered to slow down, speed up, go as is, I am empowered to feel challenged, I am empowered to keep going.

  2. Really nice class, but definitely not beginner material. Beginners need in person instruction with adjustments to get good form, IMO. I'm a nine year yogi and made it through 30 minutes as I usually do with VF 1-2 classes.

  3. I Finally feel my body represented in one of this yoga class videos… my body is the one walking in late

  4. Totally the BEST class I have found as well. I am not a beginner either. LOVE LOVE LOVE Floating Yoga School!!!!

  5. Great class with excellent explanation! Just need to change the title. Definitely not beginners level. This could scare beginners away!

  6. I did this class from Amazon at least once a week and was heartbroken when it was no longer available. So glad I found it here.

  7. I like how you emphasise the breath-in & breath-out during each transition. Sometimes I forget the breathing completely while trying to get the movement/ Posture. Thank you.

  8. muy buen video estas clases yo la practico con musica relajante aca les dejo la musica que yo escucho espero les sirva a ustedes tambien @

  9. Your students can't see you if you're demonstrating BEHIND their backs. But this was a good class otherwise

  10. I found this almost exactly a year ago when the lock downs started, and it's still one of my favorites! Thanks Helen from Floating Yoga

  11. I been trying to complete this entire yoga session for a long time & finally got through the whole thing today.
    I've run a marathon, half-marathons, deadlifted hundreds of lbs, done hundreds of pushups, crunches n squats, yet yoga presents a particularly unique challenge to the mind & body that makes me feel energized & accomplished in a way that I love. Goodlookin for this routine yall! i appreciate it.

  12. I started yoga a few weeks ago. I must say, it really helps me with my posture. It relaxes the mind and really give you the energy to go on with your day. Thank you for sharing these classes with us ! 🙂

  13. The best class I found on yt. I like that the flow is continuous (though I felt like I ran out of breath 🤪😂) Thank you much!!!

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