60 Minute Yoga Class | All Level Stress & Anxiety Release Live Yoga

This relaxing 1 hour yoga class is an energy boosting all-levels yoga flow in support of raising awareness and funds for a wonderful organization Smile Train and their fourth annual Yoga For Smiles Campaign.
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We are hoping that you consider donating even the smallest amount in the spirit of Karma Yoga in exchange for participation. 

To learn more about Smile Train please visit:
To donate, please visit

This Yoga class was shot on Monday June 29th The Sentinel in Kaslo BC, Canada

Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single solvable issue: cleft lip and palate. 

Smile Train empowers local medical professionals in more than 70+ countries with the resources that they need in order to provide comprehensive cleft care to children in their own communities. Since being founded in 1999, Smile Train has supported more than 1.5 million cleft surgeries.

Even as little as $5 can help a child receive 100% free cleft treatment, giving them not just a forever smile, but a second chance at life as well. 

See you on the mat!

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Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk

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  1. Beautiful class. You are one of the most compassionate teachers I know. I have been following you for about 3 years on and off. I love your teaching style ,your beautiful baby,and your crazy husband🥴Blessings from Montreal Canada. Namaste.

  2. What a beautiful flow. I am forever thankful for this Platform of Boho Beautiful and for you, Marc and Juliana. You are helping me going through so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  3. Tonight was a life changing practice for me. I’m in a province called Dak Lak in vietnam. I’m an English teacher from South Africa and I’m on a rooftop doing the practice whilst staring at the stars.
    During pigeon pose I just began to cry. Over the past week I’ve had agonizing back pain and I’m only 23.
    The relief Is incredible after the practice.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much gratitude and appreciation I have for this video and your passion for sharing your yoga.
    Thank you so so much. Wish you the happiest life!

  4. Incredible and exactly what I needed! So professional and everything said was well explained and clear!

  5. Loved this class, and all your classes. I noticed the class was interrupted with ads, are the classes not all ad free now?

  6. Such a beautiful class, I enjoyed every movement, my anxiety has gone. Thank you so much for putting this beautiful practice on YouTube

  7. Dear Juliana and Mark, I really want to thank you guys for being able to watch your video’s. Your way of teaching really fits me and has opened many doors for me in just under a week. There is an energetic shift at play and it’s really hard on me, but your classes and juliana’s words of comfort make me feel safe and calm. From my heart to yours, thank you❤️❤️❤️

  8. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation present your requests to God by prayer with thanksgiving. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding shall guard your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6–7

  9. I’m sorry I’m really not a fan of classes where the teacher talks the entire time. Also I felt like some of the transitions, for expect from crescent lunge to forward fold, are pretty dangerous and could result in injury.

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