60-Minute Advanced Yoga Flow

Nicole Wild is a yoga teacher based in Montana but traveling worldwide for workshops, retreats and trainings. Stay up to date with her latest offerings at www.nicolewildcollective.com or @nicolewildcollective on Instagram.


  1. Wow, so what I was looking for. Was getting bored and not pushing myself, throughly enjoyed this, couldn't do all the moves but that's exactly why I have been searching for new inspiration. Look forward to more practices. Thank you. 🧘‍♀️

  2. This was such a lovely practice. It was the perfect start to my Monday. Thank you 🙂 Looking forward to trying more videos on your channel.

  3. So impressive doing all that stuff at the same time speak and not run out of breat✌️You are my favorite yoga teacher! Keep doing your art girl♥️🙏

  4. I am a yoga instructor and you're definitely a yoga teacher's yoga teacher! I loved the creative and challenging sequence. I need work on that pistol squat!

  5. This is my favorite video because the exercise is really good but the audio is so low that I can't really hear what she is saying – which is a definite benefit.

  6. Just when you think you’re done with the sequences BAM! there’s another one! Thank you for sharing! ✨💕

  7. I think I died doing this last night. But it was the challenge I needed. Will definitely be repeating this class.

  8. This is absolutely an amazing flow. It’s so creatively sequenced. Omg I am so glad I found your channel. Thank you 🙏🏽✨

  9. I love yoga…. but I have a childs mind. It's like watching training for kama sutra.

  10. loved this one! thank you for sharing this session – so good to challenge my regular practice a bit in your playful way… and see that my body can do this <3

  11. Back for a second go, since there haven't been any new for a while 😝 really though was missing your style, its hard to find classes on YouTube that can match your creativity and challenges.

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