60-Min Intermediate/Advanced Yoga Class with Nicole Wild

Join Nicole for another intermediate/advanced but very playful and fun sequence! This hour-long practice is meant to be well-rounded including a nice warmup, a spicy flow, and some meditation at the end. Follow along with Nicole on Instagram at @nicolewildcollective or at www.nicolewildcollective.com for all upcoming online and in-person offerings including retreats, workshops and trainings. Comment below with any requests for future classes! New classes are uploaded weekly.


  1. Loved this flow, Nicole! Incredibly creative, and super challenging! The one thing I would ask, is during the shavasana/meditation, if we could limit down the talking during that quiet space, it would help me a lot in finding that inner stillness I so enjoy after your sequences. Thank you so much!!

  2. Complicated detailed moves, but I hung there. And so glad I did. Moves and shapes were challenging but rewarding. I had to be present. The end was so wise and timely. The poses are almost fun. Had to modify. Great class. Quieting my noisy mind is an effort that's worth it. Thank you.

  3. I truly love how much you challenge your students. I really have a good time falling on my butt, I have already seen improvement. Thanks so much for your online courses!

  4. Omg I just love this flow with the peace fingers play! crow pose was strong today, I even practiced handstand for a minute! I feel so good! Thank you Nicole Wild!! You have truly inspired me and helped me take my practice to a level I didn't even know existed:o I am so proud of myself for becoming so strong and balanced!!<3 Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Perfect set up for a 15 minute meditation afterwards too<3

  5. I am so happy I found your channel! I love your playful and challenging sequences. They have helped me move deeper into my poses and strengthen my practice. Thank you so much, Nicole! You inspire me <3

  6. Just did this practice – not for the first time – and it is great. Your practices are so challenging and loaded with movement its a fantastic opportunity for growth every time! Thank you so much! I always give you a hand after namaste 🙏😌 much love!

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