45 Minute Yoga Class – Yang Yin Yoga for Grief

This is a 45 min all levels Yang Yin class focused on grief or dealing with loss.

Grief can be held all over your body, but often manifests in the heart and lungs. Trouble breathing, tightness in your chest, craving sweets, and feeling sad (among many other things) may be signs of grief. I know the past few months and the past few weeks have been especially hard for me as I grieve for our society as a whole, and my body has definitely felt it.

I find it helps me to take the time to be present with the feelings of loss before I try to take action, and hope this practice is helpful for you too.

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  1. It's my fathers death anniversary and the grief was overwhelming. I began the practice crying into the mat and ended it with a much lighter heart. My gratitude to you Helen is boundless. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for this, felt great like all your videos. The pandemic has left me really broke and broken, and when I do your classes it feels like I can catch my breath for a moment.

  3. Helen, I am so grateful for your online classes, thank you so much. You have jump-started my yoga practice, and it has been so important for my physical and mental health during coronavirus lockdown. You are a very gifted teacher. THANK YOU for eliminating the mid-practice YouTube ads! May you be blessed as you are a blessing to others. Namaste.

  4. Hello Helen, Thank you so much for sharing your classes online. Having not practiced yoga for over four years, I found your classes during the COVID lockdown and have been practicing every day. I love your style of instruction and encouragement. Peace and light from Trinidad & Tobago. Namaste.

  5. I like this woman very much, and how she leads her yoga classes. I am very surprised that she got under a million likes .Well, success has nothing to do with quality.

  6. Thanks Helen. Woke up in quite the mood today. Can't say I'm feeling jolly now, but always grateful to get on the mat with you. I might need to take a walk to clear my brain. Namaste.

  7. Thank you so much! I found your classes at the beginning of COVID lock down in March and have SO enjoyed them. I love the "class" feel that you bring to each video. So cheers to you for helping me go deeper into my yoga practice! You rock! (and I love those baby squeals that we often hear in your videos!)

  8. Helen, thank you so much for sharing your classes with us, your yoga classes give me so much peace and focus at this time. This class comes at the right time. Many, many blessings your way

  9. I think one the keys to happiness is accepting that we are not always going to be happy. But I believe difficult times always lead to better days. Thanks, Helen for sharing your thought and insight with mindful practice. You’ve been a great inspiration to me and others too I believe. Take good care!

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