45 Minute Yoga Class – Heat Building Flow

I designed this flow to build heat in the body, and it’s perfect to naturally warm you as we get into the cooler winter months. With this flow we focus a lot on the core muscles and twists to stoke your internal fire and activate your third chakra (manipura). There are some options for more advanced balances and binds like bird of paradise, bound half moon, and side crow to koundinyasana, but always feel free to practice at your own pace and level.

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  1. Thanks Helen. Have been following many of your classes, but this one was one of the toughest. Those handstands….I mean your fellow students….who are they? Professional gymnasts? Especially the girl in front. Boy, she handstands like my regular stand…..

  2. today was the toughest class, i almost changed my tshirt twice it was so sweaty, thanks but yes not able to do some advance steps, namaste

  3. Another thoroughly pleasurable class.Glad I found you. Care to teach this on the veranda at Casa Armonía in Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica? 😉 Private ensuite room oceanfront to trade!

  4. Helen I have a quick question about breath in faster moving classes: I often find that I like to linger in poses (and in transitions) longer than is instructed. You also mention several times through out your video series to strive for "5 Second" breathing. Is there a "proper" or "separate" way to breath depending on the yoga style/tradition or is it solely up to the individual and circumstantial ?

  5. Hi. I love this one. I do this after i have done The Vinyana for Beginner. Some poses I can not do because I do not want to injure myself at my own ages(71 years old ) Some floating poses is difficult but I tried my best. Thanks, I enjoy very much.

  6. Thatwas DELISH!!!!!!! so, cool to see u guys doing poses that I only see inpics. AMAZING…Im gonna get there one day too. 😉 Thanks to everybody for your kindness & #NAMASTE!

  7. Love this practice! one of my all time favourites. I love how you guide the breath throughout the whole practice ! thank you!!

  8. Great classes! I liked how u gave a lot of options for balance poses/inversions/arm balances. It was a challenge and fun. Thank you!

  9. I got to take my socks off ! 🙂 But I still haven't found a good alternative for thread the needle that doesn't torque my upper back, shoulder, and neck so much. Pigeon is easy to just keep untwisted. Thanks for another good practice!

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