45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class with Ryan Leier | lululemon

Join our global yoga ambassador, Ryan Leier, in an inspiring all-levels yoga practice for a light heart. #thisisyoga

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You are responsible for your well-being. Yoga may involve risk of injury, including serious injury. The activities in this video may not be appropriate for you.  By participating, you agree to release lululemon of all liability for injury of any kind.  Don’t participate if you’re not in proper physical condition for this activity, and stop if you feel any strain or pain while participating.  If in doubt – go for savasana.


  1. This has been amazing to help me sequencing my first classes Tricks.Yoga I LOVE THIS BOOK. I definitely recommend it to any new yoga teacher, who feels like a bit of advice from more experienced yogis. It's always good to even check up or review a sequence one has already made. Great purchase!

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  3. not to be That Person but I did this video after smoking some sativa (weed is legal where i am lol) and it felt like I was dancing with the universe. it was amazing haha

  4. Perfect class! Targets all areas. Well balanced with just the right amount of challenge for me. Nice cues and calm voice. Highly recommend.

  5. Really enjoyed this class and Ryan's calming voice (tbh, at some points I heard a little bit of Matthew McConaughey). Will definitely do this class again and will be looking into other video's of him teaching. Thanks Ryan and Lululemon 🙂

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