45 Minute Everyday Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class | lululemon

Join our global ambassador and founder of Girlvana, Ally Maz, in an all-levels vinyasa flow yoga class to get you deeper into your body.

Choose a 20, 45, or 75-minute practice to suit your needs.

20 minutes:
75 minutes:

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  1. she doesn't make this yoga "flowy" like how flow yoga supposed to or peacful. she talks too much and not even about the essentials of the movement. she should count the breath and help us focus. so annoying.

  2. Ally is definitely my favourite yoga teacher and I switch between this video and her power youtube video!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful class. It is a great help for going through the current hard time.

  4. Hey! I enjoyed your video so much. I have been trying to look for an insightful YouTube vid similar to yours that really informs the topics in this YouTube vid. 🧑🏻‍⚕️ That knowledge at 1:21 is educational. Your content totally is like the channel from Dr Ethan! Doctor's explanations are actually informative and he actually helped me a lot on my midterms. He is the most knowledgable health enthusiast in the UK and he talks about health.

    I suggest you check out his channel out and give Dr Ethan a subscribe here! 👉 #DoctorEthanQuestions

  5. Amazing flow! My body and muscles feel so relaxed and stretched out. Great instructor and enjoyed all her classes so far. Recommend!

  6. I returned to this practice after several months. I’d forgotten how wonderful it is. It will now be part of my regular rotation. More Ally Maz!

  7. 150221 I liked this, thank you. I feel energised, stretched and relaxed all at the same time. Was the right level for me. Namaste.

  8. It sucks Ive come to love yoga during this pandemic, but Ive had to self teach, and trust myself etc, and damn i was doing some DAMAGE TO MYSELF. A simple sun salutation done wrong for months – is severe. Be careful and dont be concerned with competing with instagram or your ego. Both are monsters

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