35 Minute Yoga Class – 8 Limbs of Yoga Part 3: Asana

In part 3 of our 8 Limbs of Yoga series, we explore Asana, the physical posture practice of yoga.

Asana translates to “seat” in Sanskrit. In modern Western yoga practices, this physical practice is what most people first encounter when they begin their yoga journey.

Part 1 – Yama can be found at

Part 2 – Niyama can be found at

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  1. Absolutely loved this class!! Just what I needed! NINJA BABY! Hahaha very fun and you instruct with grace, joy and simplistic fluidity! I really admire it!
    I’ll be checking out a lot more of your channel here soon!! Thanks for posting!

    Also I would love if you did a class but only instructed with sanskrit names for postures! Please let me know if you make a video like that! (Or where I could find one! lol) Namaste!

  2. dear Helen, i really love all your videos, but this on is so special. i had so much fun. keep on going to be you. lots of love and a big hug from NRW/Germany <3 <3 <3

  3. love how silly and fun this set is. very original and unique! also I checked your floating school yoga website but i cant find the prices for the training anywhere, is there a page im not seeing? or do i need to email for the amount? Also thats so radical that youre a trained Reiki level 2 healer. you seem like a super awesome chick that i wish i knew in person!! much love <3 maybe one day i can make that happen. heavily interested and thinking of saving up for teacher training and I dont want to take it anywhere else now that ive seen your website 😛 much love and light namaste!

  4. You got me to laugh in the morning – trust me, that's a big deal! 🙂 Funny story – I didn't realize "asana" meant pose until I was reading Candace Moore's #Namaslay and every pose name ended with the save three syllables! Quite a Homer Simpson moment. I love your videos because you always include some funky moves or transitions that I don't usually see. Namaste!

  5. very fun. Definitely some poses to work on. I landed on my forehead at least once (no injuries but a lot of laughing at myself). You have an excellent teaching ability. your students are very blessed. thanks.

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