30-Minute Energizing Power Vinyasa Flow with Briohny Smyth

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Heat up your yoga practice with this 30-minute Energizing Power Vinyasa flow, which focuses on engaging the core and opening up the hips and front body. Briohny Smyth will guide you through this beginner friendly sequenced flow targeted at improving stamina, strength, and flexibility, while synchronizing breath with movement.

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  1. This yoga flow is one of my favorites! Oddly enough, my biggest struggle isn't just with upward bow but also surfer's lunge. Any tips? I feel like I am too tight to get any balance!

  2. Thank you for this video. And lovely words. I felt amazing at the end. And all here with their positive juju. Good luck on all our journeys!

  3. Wow, this was amazing. You and Caley alyssa are my favorite yoga teachers. Your flows is just perfect. Thank you!

  4. I just used this for my birthday morning wake-up! What a lovely flow sewn together so nicely! Thank you Namaste!

  5. I loved this yoga flow. It was exactly what I needed for today. I loved all of your cues. Thank you!

  6. i loved this yoga class and i know how hard it is to talk and show yoga, especially during vinyasa! your explanations are excellent and the choice of the asanas, i really enjoyed it. thank you!

  7. I loved the practice but trying to watch the video and adding a sequence facing the back of the mat was tricky.

  8. Loved this! really appreciate the easy to follow cueing! My shoulders feel so much more open, I'll be coming back to this for sure <3

  9. The Banktastic team loved this practice as an early afternoon office pick-me-up. Thank you, Bri!

  10. Fantastic. Have never connected so deeply with my practice. Very well done video: mindfulness for the body and it’s feelings. The strengthening was challenging, justly so, and the movements took me to the edge between comfort and effort wherein lies growth. Thank you for this. I chose gratitude as the intention and had a short meditation during the Savasana. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos= I just subscribed! 💕💕

  11. way too much emphasis on back bending. sequences didn't make a lot of sense especially having to face the back of the mat for an online class. will not repeat. didn't get the full body flow and release as i had hoped.

  12. Saludos especiales para una reina que no tengo palabras para describir su ermosura saludos desde kalifornia

  13. Thanks you Bryohni.
    I felt blessed with your words at the end. God willing I will one day be as important as you in the yoga world , also spreading love and blessings. 💜

  14. Very smooth practise however very poor teaching skills. Too much unnecessary talking and not enough directions. Instead of focusing on body & breathing, there are too many small talks & jokes (?)

  15. This is just what I needed while I deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. I am remembering to show up for me before I show up to tackle the devastation. Thanks for the flow. Wish it was longer. I'll look for an hour flow tomorrow. Keep showing up for yourself my fellow yogis. Namaste.

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