20 Minute Post Natal Yoga Class

This is a 20 Minute Post Natal Yoga Class – it is designed to help you stretch and soothe your body.

It is suitable to do once you have received permission from your doctor to exercise (usually around 6 wks, or 12wks for a C-section).

Make sure you listen to your body.


  1. I feel like this would be a great routine but it’s way too fast for me unfortunately as a beginner and just getting back to exercise after 6 weeks of having my baby

  2. thank you so much! I cried a little thanking my body for the ups and downs I’ve been through. can you share the music used at the end?

  3. This is my favorite postnatal yoga class! I did it many times after I gave birth to my son and years later I still like to do the first half of the video whenever I'm not feeling well or want to relax. Your voice is very soothing, Rachel, and the postures make my body feel great!

  4. Thank you! This was a great post natal yoga routine. Wish you had more yoga videos posted. Thank you. Will be doing this again and again!

  5. I enjoyed this flow and liked the pace as an alternative to a slower, more restorative flow. Great for getting my heart rate up a bit at 4 weeks PP. Thanks!

  6. Dear Rachel..my delivery was by cesarean, my baby is 7 months old and I felt pain in my abdomen even if I tried to jog or walk after 5 months of delivery, I have been practicing your routine for 1 week and I feel good. I was afraid to stretch my abdomen, but it felt good to perform the routine from the first session. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making me feel strong again. Kisses &hugs, greetings 4 Mexico!!

  7. Active but still gentle and variable. Makes work all muscles. Seems ideal for me now, 2 weeks postpartum (natural birth, no complications, just couple of stitches). Thank you, will use this video on a daily basis until recovery

  8. dear Rachel, thank you so much for this video! i practise it every day now that my baby is 5 months old and it feels really good! Other sets i found were too slow for me and your video is just the right pace to wake up in the morning! Best wishes to you and lovely Doublin!

  9. Thanks for this wonderful video Rachel. I started my practice with your video 12 weeks after a hysterectomy. Perfect for me post surgery.

  10. Thank you, Rachel! This was my first guided yoga workout since the birth of my baby girl. It's been 7 weeks since she was born, and I couldn't wait to get back to yoga. I enjoyed this routine – nice and fast, clear directions. God bless you!

  11. This felt great! I modified the planks to build a stronger foundation for my core, maybe in a couple weeks I'll do it with the full planks. Crazy how much core strength I lost during pregnancy and post partum!

  12. Nice poses, but my, I never felt so rushed through a Yoga sequence. Where is the time to feel if that pose is even good for my body at that moment?

  13. Hi there, the stretches are good, but man o man… how fast do we have to go?
    No peace, relaxationtime in the different stretching poses…and absolutely no time to feel my body or go with my breath. If you can adjust that this would be a great post natal workout for me.

  14. I loved the stretches, but it was way too fast, I got really frustrated because I couldn't keep up… if the pace would have been slower it would have been so relaxing

  15. Love this class.  I practice it almost daily since my 6 week post-baby check-up.  (not having any small pillows, I used the foam donut pillow the hospital gave me, it feels a bit weird but I like the resistance).   Now at 11 weeks and pre-baby jeans are already feeling less tight; woo hoo!Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  16. Love your class !!! Thanks a lot !!! The baby yoga is also super nice !!! My son loves it … Where is your Studio ?

  17. I enjoyed this until two postnatal physiotherapists told me that the plank is NOT good to do after giving birth – it places excessive strain on weakened pelvic floor muscles and can do damage.  This woman says it's one of the safest exercises postnatally??!

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