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20 Minute Best Morning Yoga Class (AM Yoga) To Wake Up For A Good Day. The best way to wake up is with some morning yoga. This gentle morning am yoga video is the best way to wake up for a good day.

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  1. I've only just found this three years after it was produced! I love the calmness of this practice and the variations are great. Only criticism is much the same as others in that I had to constantly look at the screen in order to follow the postures which broke the fluidity of it a fair bit. Otherwise, brilliant!

  2. I can't believe I'm finding this 2 years later! It was great! Loved the breathing sequence with child's pose, camel, down dog, etc. Can't wait to see more videos with his calming nature and hopefully more instruction!?

  3. I loved this class!! I don't understand the complains, I think that it is not easy to do a voiceover for the first times. The sequence sitting – child pose – table – down dog – camel felt great. Thank you so much Josh and Lesley for having him ❤️🙏

  4. Sorry, but this doesn't work for me. This looks like a good sequence, but because of the minimal instruction (to put it mildly), the only way to follow it would be to watch first and then do it. This runs counter to the purpose of doing a twenty-minute sequence to start your day.

  5. Awww, I´m so sorry, I didn´t really like it. I think a few people have already mentioned, it seems like it´s more of a commentary than instructions and I find it hard at times to follow the video. My favorite part was around minute 13 with the childs pose – table – camel flow. Much luck!

  6. I liked the flow itself but I needed more vocal direction. I had to avidly watch him to make sure I stayed with him. I didn't like that one time he would say a pose one way then say "camel" pose the next time.

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