1. white
    .what dinference ? The guy was mentally sick his last name Biierle ..obviously French
    .notice. you never see Chinese. as a whole ..doing this …

  2. God
    .poor souls. these ppl in Florida are crazy) espeacially in Deltona..and he will probably just get probation) I am disgusted with the animals that habitate. Florida 😠😠😠😠

  3. This will hurt Andrew Gillum in the Florida Gubernatorial Election on November 6th! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum! He is a liar, he is deceitful, and he is corrupt! Ron Desantis will win on November 6th!

  4. On November 6th, all of the residents of Tallahassee should vote for Ron Desantis AND Rick Scott unless they already have! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum!

  5. Republicans will stoop to anything. Now they have orchestrated a mass shooting in Tallahassee 2 days before the election. Nothing ever happens in Tallahassee!!!! This comes from someone who lives in North Florida. Now Andrew Gillum can no longer campaign in last 2 crucial days. Also, conveniently the republicans have been lying through their teeth about Tallahassee’s crime rate. These rethuglicans disgust me. They will kill, lie, cheat and steal for an election. Sick!

  6. Another White boy who couldn't control his Emotions all so common. Schools churches and movie theaters now yoga classes Sounds about White

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