This is a very quick 15 minute Vinyasa flow that you can try and sneak into your day. Here we don’t hold the postures for too long, so the practice is quite fluid. Its more of a taster of what you may find inside a full Vinyasa Sequence.

If you feel like you cannot find time to go to your studio to practice but want to get a quick flow going before or after work, here is a practice for you.
Try to stay connected to your breathe throughout the whole practice. I will be reminding you of when to inhale and exhale as we move through the class.

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See you on the mat!!

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If you have already watched this video a few time and are practicing this repeatedly in the mornings, perhaps you want to start focusing your eyes less on the the screen and start to bring awareness into your own movements as your follow my voice.
The more you practice the more comfortable you will feel with the popular asanas (postures) of Vinyasa and you will be able to start to link the postures with more fluidity, strength and control. Maybe even taking your own style.


  1. It was a bit slow. So great for cool down. Some transitions needed work for better momentum. But I prob wouldn’t do this one again (personally).

  2. thank you!! This is the first time I find a yoga flow that is not from Erin/Five Parks that is so satisfying! ❤️

  3. I meet you a year ago with the lockdown (I am in Paris) and had the pleasure to follow you every day (you were in New Zéland) 🙏😊👍
    This session is Just great when the time is short. This will be gorgeous if you could add some new like this please. Thanks by advance
    Have a good day, 🌟🧘‍♀️🤩

  4. Me gusta esta clase para cuando no tengo tanto tiempo para hacer tus estupendas clases de casi una hora, pero no entiendo nada de inglés . Sería estupendo poder practicar clases más cortas gracias Laredo España.

  5. Wow you’re awesome. You’ve just became a part of my “best yogis to practice with” list. Thank you for your work. Flow was amazing and this “no excuses” part it’s really working on me 🙂

  6. Thank you!!! I can't wait to practice one day with you in my favorite city in the whole world BARCELONA <3

    P.S Your mat is gorgeous!

  7. This was really good – can't wait till you have longer ones.

    I AM glad I warmed up for this – very challenging for us beginners 😉

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