10-Minute Yoga Class & Meditation for Stress Relief

Follow along with Ashton August as she takes you through this 10 min yoga and guided meditation designed to help you find some relief from your stresses. Grab some essential oils if you’ve got em’, get on your mat and enjoy.

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  1. Thank you! I can't believe that sea breathing tip was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT KNOW WE COULD DO THIS SOUND I WAS LIKE "I DIDN'T KNOW BREATHING HAS MORE SECRET TIPS, SO COOL AND INTERESTING"

  2. Always love practice with Ashton and love her energy
    Love this yoga session, it is simple, sweet , healing and so good for the mind and body. Love how she ends the practice with comforting words!

  3. Such a great session. Stress relieving and relaxing, just what I needed. Will definitely be doing some more of your yoga videos !

  4. This is my first time doing yoga, imagine my surprise with the hand stand! Wooow!
    I loved the workout and I subscribed I will do more of those.
    I wish I could do a handstand too😃

  5. I just finished crying but then I began watching this video and began crying even more!!!! This dodo not help also I didn’t quite understand what she said over my wailing so I was unable to do this stretch.

  6. I love this thank you. Ive been super stress with work and school and trying to get my life in order, like everyone else. this really helped a lot to keep me grounded in my God given peace. God bless everyone who came across this video and I wish you all much love prosperity and happiness in your lives.

  7. At March I was getting really nervous because of the crazy times and now I get anxiety and feel sad sometimes so ima try this everyday

  8. wow so awesome! i haven't tried to do a headstand in a while, but i had the chance to through this video and surprised myself with being able to still and felt very proud of myself for trying too! thank you so much!

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