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1 Hour Vinyasa Flow Live Yoga Class 💕To Handstands. This live yoga class hour-long free video is brought to you by our Patreon Comunity. My yoga videos are to keep you strong and healthy. My mission is to surround you with a supportive Fightmaster Yoga community.

Handstands are difficult and can be scary to attempt whether it’s in a live yoga class or not. You’ve seen beautiful photos or yoga videos of others doing handstands. You might be thinking, “why can’t I do it?” “What’s wrong with me?!?”

But, the truth is that doing a handstand isn’t the “goal” of this free yoga video because yoga is never about the pose.

I know handstands are difficult. I’ve been practicing them for years and still struggle sometimes.

I’ll teach you my tips and tricks in this full length live yoga video about practicing them safely. Remember, if you have any injuries in your back, shoulders or wrists, handstands aren’t for you right now. If you’re on your monthly cycle, or; if you have glaucoma, uncontrolled blood pressure, or had a recent surgery, skip the handstand part. Put your legs up against a wall instead…you’ll get great benefits as you take care of yourself.

Here are some steps to practicing handstands:
1. Put on some comfy clothes, grab your yoga mat, blocks and strap.
2. Clear away a space to practice yoga that includes access to a wall.
3. Do your best and let go of any expectations.

Remember, handstands are challenging. It doesn’t matter if you get into one or not. If just matters that you keep your breath steady while giving it your best effort. When you focus on your breath and best effort, you mind will become quieter and you’ll feel strong and connected.

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